Important Changes at the Library this Fall
Since most of our buildings are closed, some in-person Library services or resources described on this page are currently unavailable. For more details on how the Library can help this semester, check out our services updates or feel free to email us, chat with us, or reach out to a librarian or specialist in your discipline.

How to submit an interlibrary loan request

Login to RACER

  • Login: The information that precedes the @ in your email address.
  • Password: Password must be between 6-20 characters in length and is case-sensitive.
  • Your Library: Select Ottawa

If you have problems logging in to RACER, contact interlibrary loan.

Request an item

Save time by requesting an item through its bibliographic entry page. Many details will automatically be entered in the request form.


  1. Use RACER Standard or Advanced Search to find the item. View screenshot
  2. Select the item.
  3. Select Get it! to request the item. View screenshot
  4. Complete any blank required field.
  5. Click on the Request button. View screenshot

From a database

  1. Use a database to find the article.
  2. Select the article.
  3. Select Get it! to request the article. View screenshot
  4. Select Request via interlibrary loan. View screenshot
  5. Complete any blank required field.
  6. Click on the Submit button. View screenshot

Request an item using a blank form

  1. Log in to RACER.
  2. Select Blank Request Form (under My Account, on the left). View screenshot
  3. Complete all required fields.
  4. If found, indicate the ISSN or ISBN number in the proper field.
  5. Unless necessary, do not indicate anything in the Special Instructions field.
  6. Click on the Request button.

We will contact you

  • When your item arrives
  • If additional information is needed
  • If your request is cancelled because the item is available at the library
  • If your request is cancelled because the item is not available via ILL

Use your RACER account to

  • Check the status of your requests (My Requests)
  • Cancel a request that hasn't been processed yet (My Requests)
  • Verify the due date of loans (My Requests)
  • Update personal information (Account Details)
  • Create your own search profiles (Search Profiles)

Need help?

If you have any questions, contact interlibrary loan.

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