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A selection of instruments used by the Dominion Land Surveyors of Canada.

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Crabtree rule
This Parallel Line Rule is a heavy-weighted object, suitable for life on flat surfaces. All of its part are made of brass, which is a sturdy and relatively inexpensive material. The rule is slightly tarnished but has no discernible damage. This…

Foster level
This is a surveying level produced by James Foster, an instrument maker based in Toronto, Canada. The apparatus also includes a wooden tripod, upon which the level was placed when taking measurements. This artifact was in the possession of John…

Solar Compass
A solar compass created approximatey 1860. Initially owned by Russell, this passed through surveyors working in the West, with such names as Rainboth, JJ McArthur, and Ogilve. Through Ogilve the compass ended up in Ottawa, his last major survey. It…

This transit was a key instrument for surveyors, as it was used for measuring horizontal angles (and later vertical angles as well). Transits were invented in 1831 in the United States and were popular for their versatility, durability, and cheap…

Pocket Compass
"Brass pocket compass with hinged cover & ring. Fitted with needle stopper activated by sliding bar; double-pointed bar blued at N-end and red glass or jewelled centre in pivot point cap. Includes declination needle, which may be set by rotating…

Brass parallel rule, used to draw parallel lines to scale. It is slightly longer and heavier than average. It has degree notches as well as compass directions marked on it. The fleur de lis symbol replaces the "N" for north.
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