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Pocket Compass

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Made in France
Trade in Europe
Closed Lid/Cover

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Pocket Compass


Compass believed to have belonged to J. Herbert Kerr. Used for Surveying in Western Canada in 1875.


"<a title="The History of Brass" href="" target="_blank">Brass</a> pocket compass with hinged cover &amp; ring. Fitted with needle stopper activated by sliding bar; double-pointed bar blued at N-end and red glass or jewelled centre in pivot point cap. Includes declination needle, which may be set by rotating casing back. (N.B: stopper bar point tip extends through casing wall &amp; is exposed - quick stop function?)".<br /><br />Lacquered Brass case; glass cover has bevelled edge &amp; brushed silver compass face. Compass needle blued at N-End; central mounting disk &amp; declination needle chemically treated.<br /><br />Declination Needle has elongated diamond-shaped pointer &amp; broard 3-pointed fan-like end.<br /><br /><a title="The Law Relating to the Merchandise Marks Act 1887 to 1894" href=";ae=F451479917&amp;srchtp=a&amp;ste=14" target="_blank">'Made/in/France'</a> stamped on compass face, near 'S'/'C' stamped inside compass case cover, above hinge/quadrants &amp; half-quadrants labelled; compass circle divided 0-360 at 2-degree intervals.<br /><br /><a title="Gurley Manual of Surveying Instruments" href="" target="_blank">Its function is to measure direction, with respect to magnetic North.</a>


Possibly <a title="Compassipedia" href="" target="_blank">Collignon-Houlliot</a> (FRANCE)


Canada Science and Technology Museum, Artifact Context Report dated 28/01/2015


Canada Science and Technology Museum, researched for UOttawa Seminar HIS4135C, Jessica Ozorak and Carine Trazo.


Circa 1875


art. no. 1987.2108 Canada Science and Technology Museum