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McLatchie File 1.jpg
This is an image found in the John McLatchie collection at the Canada Science and Technology Museum. It depicts a surveyor at work with an instrument on a tripod. Given that the photograph was taken from D.L.S. John McLatchie's personal collection,…

Stone Fort Treaty 1871.jpg
Treaties played a key role in the activities of Canadian Dominion Land Surveyors. They generally reflect the need for consensus between Aboriginals and the federal government concerning the transfer of land.

monument filled.jpg
This diagram shows how in the 20th century the original cast-iron monuments were reset with cement to stabilize them.

monument leaning.jpg
When later boundary commissioners checked the border, some of the monuments were in poor condition.

cut border.jpg
This photo shows a forested boundary area today, which has been maintained by the International Boundary Commission. The 1840s joint boundary commission removed all the trees within 30 feet of the line by hand.

monument today.jpg
This is a boundary monument today, located at Lake Pohenegamook in Quebec and Estcourt Station village in Maine.

caroline microscope.jpg
Caroline Bucknall was an amateur naturalist and painter who accompanied her husband James Bucknall Bucknall Estcourt on his military postings. She owned this portable
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