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Complete transit
This transit was a key instrument for surveyors, as it was used for measuring horizontal angles (and later vertical angles as well). Transits were invented in 1831 in the United States and were popular for their versatility, durability, and cheap…

Saskatchewan Surveyors and What Looks Like Red River Carts.jpg
This is a photograph of a team of surveyors seemingly taking break while on their voyages "on the North Saskatchewan." Of particular interest is what look like Red River Carts in the background. It has been noted that Red River Carts were used…

McLatchie File 1.jpg
This is an image found in the John McLatchie collection at the Canada Science and Technology Museum. It depicts a surveyor at work with an instrument on a tripod. Given that the photograph was taken from D.L.S. John McLatchie's personal collection,…

McLatchie File 2.jpg
This photograph, from the McLatchie Collection at the Library of the Canada Museum of Science and Technology, is an image of what looks like a group of surveyors (possibly including McLatchie) taking a rest while in Castlegar, British Columbia.

1895 McLatchie Rolling River.TIF
This is a document, finalized in 2008, of the original survey plan of Rolling River (at Township 16) from 1895. The interesting and relevant aspect of this plan is the note at the bottom claiming that the surveys of McLatchie in 1873 were used to…

Screenshot 2018-02-15 00.37.32.png
Found at the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology, on loan from the Maude Abbott Medical Museum, McGill University.

STL file.JPG
STL file on the museum's computer, of the Chinese Diagnostic Doll, found in the Touch Medicine section of the museum, is on loan from the Osler History of Medicine Library at the McGill University in Montreal (Canada).

Sound: Medical Sensations Exhibition. Canada Science and Technology Museum
A solar compass created approximatey 1860. Initially owned by Russell, this passed through surveyors working in the West, with such names as Rainboth, JJ McArthur, and Ogilve. Through Ogilve the compass ended up in Ottawa, his last major survey. It…
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