Cold War in Africa

The following content is presented in the context of Dr. Nicolas Lépine’s Seminar in African History, "Battleground Africa: Cold War Burning Hot" (HIS 4186A00), University of Ottawa.

History of the Cold War in Africa 

In Winter 2021, students created virtual exhibits to showcase scientific analyses of select topics relating to the Cold War in Africa. These exhibits include interactive features such as timelines and maps, as well as interviews with academics from around the world!

On the more labour and military cooperation side of things:

Seminar in African History: The Horn of Africa

This lecture on the Horn of Africa and its origins is given by Professor Nicolas Lépine in the context of his seminar course. This compliments Professor Dominique Marshall's presentation, "Understanding the History of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society, on Each Side of the Cold War".

Cold War in Africa