Building Our StoryMap

For the presentation and final visualization of our project, we chose ArcGIS StoryMaps. The StoryMaps is web-based application that allows you to create compelling stories using interactive maps, multimedia content, and text to tell stories. These applications are part of ESRI's suite of programs such as ArcGIS Online.

For the purpose of our project, we used the following applications to present our research:

ESRI StoryMaps from ArcGIS

StoryMaps Cascade served as a basis for creating a vertical scrolling effect for the project design. To this template, we added images, the maps created with ArcGIS Online, multimedia elements, and narrative text throughout the presentation to contextualize the data, thus allowing us to tell our story.

StoryMap Swipe and SpyGlass showing Immigration Population from Africa in 2006 and 2016

StoryMaps Swipe and Spyglass is a really fun application that allowed us to compare maps (created and transferred from ArcGIS Online) of the evolution of immigration from five different continents (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania) in the city of Ottawa. We wanted to compare immigration to Ottawa for each content between 2006 and 2016. The Spyglass application allows the viewer to swipe left and right to see the differences between the years 2006 (left) and 2016 (right) for each continent.

International Seasonings (screen cap)

View "International Seasonings" by the Data Mappers.