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International Seasonings (screen cap)

The image used on as the background for the Data Mappers's project was retrieved from Unplash.

To access the photo:

To access the Data Mappers' project:…

Top 10 Mother Tongue Languages in Ottawa for 1996, 2006, and 2016 Census Periods

This animated infographic shows the top 10 mother tongue languages outside of the two official languages for citizens in Ottawa, Ontario for the 1996, 2006, and 2016 Census.

Census Profile from Statistics Canada website (screen capture)

Statistics Canada is responsible for administering and analyzing Canada's Census. The Census Program provides a statistical portrait of the country every five years. The 2016 Census Program includes the Census of Population and the Census of…

Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences Data Centre (screen capture)

A collection of on-line databases and custom built search and retrieval programs are maintained by Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS) at the University of Toronto.

Students and Professors from the University of Ottawa can…

Choropleth Map of Immigration of Asians from the 2006 Census

This map is a visual representation of Asian immigration population in Ottawa in 2006.

This map was originally created to see the change of Ottawa overtime and to see what neighbourhoods Asian immigration population are mostly establishing in…