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Women in Tobacco Advertisements 1929-1939

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Women in Tobacco Advertisements 1929-1939

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To Keep a Slender Figure No One Can Deny
Starting in 1929, Lucky Strike started a campaign focused on selling tobacco products to women specifically by targeting weight loss. The particular ad reads "To keep a slender figure no one can deny...reach for a lucky instead of a sweet." The…

Reach for a Lucky -Instead of a Sweet
Advertisement is of Billie Burke (1886-1971), who played Glinda the Good witch Fairy in the Wizard of Oz in 1939.

Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet -it's toasted
Advertisement featuring Myrna Darby, who performed in Ziegfeld Follies in early 1910-1920s. Darby was also a popular silent film actresss.

We know our Luckies that's how we stay slender
Catherine Moylan, Miss Universe and actress in Ziegfeld Follies, Myrna Darby, and Muriel Finley, Ziegfeld Follies and a renown Hollywood beauty, are featured in this advertisement promoting the consumption of tobacco for the purpose of staying…

I Recommend a Lucky in place of a Sweet
Advertisement focusing on promoting weight loss through cigarette consumption, featuring Elsie de Wolfe.

For a Slender Figure -Reach for a Lucky instead of a Sweet
Advertisement featuring women, focusing on selling tobacco for sake of weight control

I Know an Easy Way to Keep From Getting Fat
Advertisement targeting women through weight loss and fat shaming. Focusing on the modern diet and avoidance of temptation, instead of eating sweets, reach for a cigarette.

I Smoke a Lucky Instead of Eating Sweets
Advertisement targeting weight loss, endorsement given by Lady Grace Drummond Hay.

Reach for a lucky instead of a sweet -it's toasted
Advertisement with endorsement from star, Betty Compson. Has information on propaganda.

To Maintain a Slender Figure -Reach for a Lucky
Advertisement with information reading Insidious Falsehoods- Boomerangs.
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