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Love and Femininity 1.jpg
Image of bride in wedding dress smoking Luckies to represent purity and modernity

Love and Feminity 6.jpg
Woman and man smoking together, with the caption 'I like what you like' which implies Lucky Strike cigarettes

Love and Feminity 5.jpg
Picture of woman smoking with man, standing in a doorway, what appears to be her place, while the man is casually chatting with her. The overall purpose is to endorse Lucky Strike by implying that they are good enough to have more than one

Love and Feminity 7.jpg
Image of a woman holding a cigarette to a mans mouth for him to smoke, both are dressed in high-end clothes

Light Smoke 2.jpg
Actress Barbara Stanwyck endorsing the brand Lucky Strike, focused on throat irritation.

Fashion and Elite 12.jpg
Woman dressed in red and beige advertising Lucky Strikes

Lucky Strike Slogans 1917-1949.pdf
Slogans that were used to advertise the tobacco products of the ATC, including Lucky Strike campaign slogans.

Future Shadow 2.jpg
When tempted, reach for a lucky, focuses on promoting weight loss and avoiding temptation by smoking.

Future Shadow 11.jpg
Focusing on weight loss through nicotine consumption.

Future Shadow 13.jpg
Shakespeare quote, condemning shadows. Focuses on targeting women's diets and nicotine consumption.
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